You deserve more from your HOA.  Paramount is dedicated to ensuring our HOA members are happy with their management service.  We treat everyone with respect and believe in the power of kindness and a positive, compassionate attitude while aggressively conducting business. 

Paramount is a full service management company that specializes in a variety of property management services for master planned communities, homeowner associations, and business park properties seeking excellent stewardship, service, and representation by your management company.  We are the face of your community, the voice of the members, and strive to provide the best possible service to every resident with every interaction.  Paramount empowers the communities we represent with the highest level of technology for convenient payments and access to their information. Paramount Management plans are designed to fit the budget & needs of our communities.  We successfully identify and satisfy the needs of our clients using the most timely,  cost effective, and professional approach. 

We Do It All.

Our Team of Association Managers ensure that the HOA is up to date with the latest legal standards and regulations, and enforce CC&R violations.  Our focus is on the short & long-term success of your HOA, positively affecting the value of your neighborhood and satisfaction of all who live within it. 



Diligent efforts ensure low delinquency!

  • Online payment portals offered for all homeowners making conducting business easy.
  • Current, detailed collection reports.
  • Full service collections including in-house claims and pay plan options if requested by the Board.
  • Judgments provided for unresponsive homeowners.


Cutting edge accounting programs!

  • Collection & accurate posting of all income: Excellent online payment & direct deposit platforms in place.
  • Coordination, maintenance & preparation of tax filings.
  • Compilation of year-end reporting.
  • Maintains association checking and reserve accounts.
  • Accounts payables.
  • Title and resale processing.
  • Prepares and files 1099's for vendors.
  • Opens new accounts for the property. 
  • Promptly answers all homeowner & board questions regarding accounting M-F 9-5.
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports.

The online platforms our company uses are above-average tools that result in the best management services to our clients.


  • Maintenance of accurate homeowner database.
  • 24/7 emergency phone number for emergencies.
  • Coordinate bids for any 3rd party vendors.
  • Maintenance of accurate renters database in your community.
  • Expedite mailings of statements, CC&R violations, newsletters, ballots, meeting reminders, and any other requested documents.
  • Managers attend and coordinate meetings.
  • Texts & emails to homeowners.
  • Community social media sites for homeowners.
  • Board education regarding the changing HOV legislation.
  • Maintain an accurate record of all association corporate records & filings.

Community Electronic Files:

We provide the tech

  • Homeowner & Board access to pay dues, download forms & view docs.
  • Paramount keeps electronic & hard-copy files. 
  • Board members have access to financials, meeting minutes, information & docs. 
  • All correspondence sent to homeowner is kept on file. 
  • Homeowners & Board members have the ability to text our office # at any time, if they prefer.
  • Neighbors who want to send pictures and addresses if violations are unresolved can easily text us.
  • Solutions offerred to board members who don't want 2000 emails. 

Maintenance Services: 

No kick-backs!

  • Low-priced, quality vendors available who understand high standards & expectations.
  • We are happy to use your vendors too.
  • Landscaping service available
  • Pool & maintenance service available
  • Plumbers and electricians available
  • We get several bids. 
  • Contract management/ bid/ negotiation/ selection.
  • 24/7 maintenance # to call. 
  • Enforcement of CC&R violations. 
  • Gate programming.
  • Thorough inspections with photos.
  • Handling of insurance claims. 
  • Handling of architectural requests.
  • Assistance to off-site homeowners. 

Experienced Professional Management

HOA's can be ran by volunteers. Most of them have fulltime jobs, work & family, and don't really want to do a lot of work for free.  Hiring a team of professionals significantly increases efficiency, professionalism, and experience of your HOA.

Paramount makes communication easy, utilizes cutting-edge software, has a reliable list of trustworthy vendors who understand expectations, and offers a professional element that benefits all parties. We focus on the long-term success of your community & work to positively affect the value of your neighborhood and the satisfaction of all who live within it.

Community Management:

We do this well! 

  • Annual & Board meeting attendance and preparation
  • CC&R's enforcement.
  • Monitor services completed by vendors.
  • Call for bids and submit to the Board for approval.
  • Work with the attorney daily on foreclosure of properties and bankruptcies.
  • Inspect property for violations.
  • Receive and handle all maintenance complaints.
  • Works on a one to one basis with all vendors.
  • Handle all phone calls from homeowners with complaints and issues.
  • Improvement recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Handle all requests of the Board of Directors.

Resale and Disclosure Provision to Buyers: 

  • CC&R's
  • Welcome Packet
  • Current HOA forms
  • Current policies
  • What to expect
  • Financial statements
  • Prompt response to title company requests