How long have you been in business?

Paramount has been an industry leader in property management services since 2010.

Will our association be assigned to a dedicated manager?

Our team of dedicated managers are all trained to manage your HOA.  We all have access to the customized & copyrighted database and are dedicated to your condominium, townhome, or homeowner's association.  One or more of our team members will attend all of the meetings.  The likelihood of your speaking with the same person often is a plus, but we are all here for your needs.

What is included in your contract?

Our contracts are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  We are flexible and dedicated to customizing our services to ensure effective and profitable work flow for all parties.

How do you collect delinquent HOA dues?

Paramount is consistent and diligent in efforts to collect dues.  We e-mail, mail, call & text when someone gets behind in efforts to help homeowners avoid late, legal & collection fees.  Our consistent communication results in low delinquency.  Homeowners are provided with various ways to pay, including secure online payment portals that make things easy.  For adversarial residents, we work closely with our law firm to ensure speedy & cost-efficient judgments when needed.

Can I view my account online and make payments?

Paramount is tech-savvy and offers an ease of doing business with our stakeholders, offering a variety of online payment options.  Residents can still send in a check, money order, or cashier's check to our office if they choose.  Most pay online using their secure payment portal because it's free & convenient.  We don't accept cash so that all parties are protected and payments can be tracked.

What happens in the event of an emergency?

Paramount has a 24 hour emergency maintenance line which is answered by a responsive, well-trained member of our team.

What do you do about violation enforcement?

Paramount has reliable property inspectors that clearly understand CC&Rs for individual HOA's.  Thorough property inspections are consistently completed and homeowners are encouraged to text us violations within their neighborhood with pictures & addresses, so that we can tend to those as well.  We work hard to ensure that the violation enforcement process is convenient, fair, clear, and manageable for everyone involved.  Our goal of making your community beautiful is more easily achieved when processes are simplified and consistent communication is made.

Will my association have it's own bank account?

Yes.  All condominium and homeowner association clients have their own checking and reserve accounts, along with separate bank statements.  There are no commingling of funds.

 Frequently Asked Questions